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Soups & Salads

Lobster Chowder ~ 11.95

Lobster Simmered in cream and fresh herbs.


French Onion Soup ~ $8.95

Served with housemade croutons and cheese.


Seafood Chowder* ~ $12.95

Scallops, lobster, shrimp and mussels simmered in cream and fresh herbs.


Captain's Seafood Bouillabaise ~ $14.95

Scallops, shrimp, lobster & mussels simmered with fresh vegetables in a savoury tomato broth.


Catch 22 House Salad*  ~ $7.95

Served with our refreshing mango house dressing.


Caesar Salad ~ $8.95

Prepared the traditional way.


Greek Salad* ~ $9.95

Prepared with our homemade vinaigrette.


Seafood Salad* ~ $13.95

House salad with scallops, shrimp and lobster.

Served with homemade champagne sauce.

Chicken Caesar Salad ~ 13.95
Romaine lettuce, bacon, parmesan & grilled chicken
with our housemade croutons and dressing


Bruschetta au Gratin ~$8.95

Diced marinated tomatoes served on toasted baguette with cheese

With Lobser~ 12.95


Escargots à la Provençale* ~ $8.95

Prepared with garlic butter.

Au Gratin ~ $9.95


Bacon Wrapped Scallops* ~ $11.95

Served in a maple syrup sauce.


Cajun  Coconut Shrimp* ~ $10.95

Sautéed in Cajun spices and coconut milk.


Calamari ~ $10.95

Fried calamari tossed in lemon pepper spice.


Crab Cakes ~ $11.95

Crab meat folded into a potato purée served with Arrabiata tomato sauce.


Atlantic Smoked Salmon*  ~ $11.95

Served with baguette, lettuce, red onions and capers.


Shrimp  Cocktail*  ~ $11.95

Served with housemade cocktail sauce.

Lobster Cocktail ~ $15.95

Served with housemade cocktail sauce.


Lobster Gratin* ~ $13.95

Lobster on mushroom caps sautéed in garlic butter, topped with cheese then broiled.


Seafood Gratin* ~ $15.95

Shrimp, scallops, lobster on mushroom caps sautéed in garlic butter topped with cheese then broiled.


Oysters Fresh* or Rockefeller* (seasonal)

Served with potatoes or rice and fresh vegetables

Seafood Casserole ~ $24.95

Shrimp, scallops and lobster in a creamy cheese sauce.


Devil’s Duo ~ $23.95

Grilled scallops and shrimp sautéed in a mild spicy tomato ,garlic and basil sauce.


Catch 22 Style Haddock* ~ $22.22

Broiled haddock filet served with our homemade lobster cream sauce. 


Coquille St-Jacques ~ $25.95

Scallops and mushrooms in creamy white wine sauce topped with cheese then broiled.


Maple Salmon* ~ $24.95

Maple marinated salmon filet .


Fish & Chips ~ $16.95

Haddock filets lightly battered and fried, served with fries.


Lobster Roll ~ $16.95

Lobster, mayo and celery  on a toasted bun served with fries.


Atlantic Halibut* ~ $34.95

Grilled Atlantic Halibut with an orange ginger sauce.


Cajun Shrimp Jambalaya* ~ $24.95

Grilled shrimp in a spicy sausage Jambalaya.

Seafood Jambalaya~ $49.95

Lobster, Shrimp and scallops with spicy sausages.


10oz Angus Striploin AAA* ~ $33.95

8 oz Filet Mignon AAA* ~ $33.95

14 oz T-Bone AAA* ~ $35.95

Surf & Turf ~ $55.95
Choice of Striploin OR Filet Mignon
Served with 1\2 Lobster OR Shrimp and Scallops


Chicken Alfredo ~ $19.95

Lobster Linguini ~ $26.95

Seafood Linguini ~ $28.95

Vegetable Primavera ~ $16.95

6 pieces of Garlic Cheese Bread ~ $5.95


Curry Vegetarian Stir-fry* ~ $15.95

Shanghai Chicken Stir-fry* ~ $19.95

Chef's Beef Stir-fry* ~ $22.95

Cajun Seafood Stir-fry* ~ $28.95

Signature Dishes

Cajun Lobster Jambalaya* ~ $49.95

Grilled 1.25lb lobster in a spicy sausage Jambalaya.

Lobster Florentine ~ $49.95

Sautéed lobster, onions, mushrooms and spinach in a creamy lobster sauce.

Lobster Thermidor* ~ $49.95

Lobster and mushrooms in a white wine, tomato base sauce topped with Swiss cheese, served in the shell.

Shellfish Assemblage*  ~ $49.95

1.25 Lobster and steamed mussels.

Fresh Lobster Dinner ~ Seasonally Priced

Mariner’s Style Steamer* ~ $11.95

White wine, garlic, lemon and onions.

Coconut Arrabiata Steamer*~ $12.95

Tomato Arrabiata sauce with coconut milk.

* Available Gluten-Free

Seafood Platters

Catch22 Fisherman’s Platter* ~ $33.95

1/2 lobster, shrimp, scallops, haddock and crab cake. Served with rice and fresh vegetables.


Ultimate Platter for Two* ~ $69.95

1.25 lb lobster, crab cakes, bacon wrapped scallops and Cajun coconut shrimp. Served with potatoes or rice and fresh  vegetables.

Substitute your side: sweet potato fries, twice baked potato

or salad (House,Caesar, greek) $3.95

(Please note: menu items and prices subject to change)